Index  Fronimo N° 108,  October 1999


"Panta rhei", everything flows, as Heraclitus declared more than two millennia ago. "Everything moves" might be our translation today, in our struggle to keep up with the global market and the telematic civilization of the third millennium… Also "il Fronimo" is moving house: after twenty seven years of publishing the periodical founded by Ruggero Chiesa and a small group of close collaborators, our publisher has withdrawn its support. We wish to express our appreciation for its excellent management of the journal for such a long time. The new policies of the publishing group of which Edizioni Suvini Zerboni is part are no longer compatible with such initiatives as our publication, and therefore we have no choice but to roll up our sleeves and start for ourselves. There were in fact two alternatives: either to close down or continue our activities under the aegis of a new, autonomous label. None of us had the slightest doubt! We feel "il Fronimo" must proceed with its mission in the Italian and international guitar world, convinced as we are that there is still so much to be discovered and elaborated before we have thoroughly explored the universe of the guitar.

In 1993 Ruggero Chiesa assigned us the task to continue with the publication of the journal in the same spirit that had sustained it till then. We now renew this commitment, knowing that it will require great effort, but just as great will be our enthusiasm to ensure the guitar world the presence of such a reliable and trusted reference point as our journal has been since 1972. Fortunately the situation in which "il Fronimo" is now forced to stand on its own legs is radically different from that of the early days, and it has definitely changed for the better: the guitar has reached a level of cultivation that would have been absolutely unthinkable in 1972. Moreover, having been a stable presence on the publishing market for many years now, our journal is highly esteemed and appreciated both in Italy and abroad.

Finally, we wish to make an appeal to our readers: please don’t deprive us of your support, friendship and encouragement now that we need it. It cannot be excluded that minor organizational problems will arise. We will do our best to resolve them in the shortest time possible. In return, we are working hard to guarantee our subscribers not only the continuation of the traditional extras (cds and supplements), but also a closer relationship with our editorial office, which we would like to transform into a meeting point, a real and no longer virtual forum of research and discussion. So please, keep reading "il Fronimo" and share it with your friends: the dialogue continues.

(translation Marije de Jager)


Interview with Carlos Bonell
by Stefano Toffolo

Studies and researches:

The Lute in the Late Baroque Period
by Michel Cardin (second part) 

Edison Denisov (1929-1996)
by Jorg Jewanski

Matteo Carcassi
A bio-bibliographical updating
by Mauro Mariottini

Catalogue of the works by Matteo Carcassi
by Mario Dell'Ara

In memoriam:

Joaquin Rodrigo
by Frédéric Zigante

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