Index  Fronimo N° 109,  Jannuary 2000



Conversations with Oscar Ghiglia (I)
by Elena Càsoli e Lena Kokkaliari

Studies and researches:

25 Etudes op. 38 by Napoléon Coste
by Marco Riboni (first part) 

Joaquín Rodrigo and Tres piezas españolas
by Frédéric Zigante

Teaching an instrument in the Junior High School with musical instruction
by Pietro Luigi Capelli e Giovanni Podera

Calichon and mandora, or: das non plus ultra satis est. (first part)
by Pietro Prosser

In memoriam

Alexandre Lagoya
by Frédéric Zigante

Carlo Raspagni
by Mauro Ghinelli

Exchange of Ideas and Opinions 

Reviews, scores, books, recordings

Master classes and Competitions

Guitar Shop