Index  Fronimo N 123,  July 2003


Interview with Paul Beier
by Giorgio Ferraris

Interview with Eduardo Isaac
by Marco Nicolè, Maurizio Pagliarini, Eros Roselli

Studies and researches:

Goffredo Petrassi: Suoni notturni or Journey in the dream world
by Arturo Tallini

The Guitar in Barcelona in 1850
by José Ma Mangado Artigas (third part)

Analysis of the three movements of the Sonatina Meridional by M. M. Ponce
by Paola Brino

1993-2003: ten years after

Teaching how to learn
by Elena Càsoli
Dear Ruggero
by Francesco Biraghi
by Ugo Meloni
by Mario Ferrara

Exchange of Ideas and Opinions


Master classes and Competitions       

Guitar Shop